10 Simple Steps to Manga and Comics – From Idea and Creation to Self Publicity | How to Create your own Manga / Comic Book for Beginners

by Rising T.E.

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Book Description

Want to become a publishing Manga or Comic artist? With this simple book, you'll have the answer at your fingertip on how to create your manga to publishing it! In this book, you'll get the easy guidance, tips and a complete the step-by-step guide with images for how you can grow your idea into a manga or comic and actually publish it to the market. Either you are a beginner or at a more advanced level, this book will give you the knowledge for how you should pursue with your upcoming projects. Since you have the passion and what it takes to become a Mangaka or a Comicbook artist then this is the book definitely for you. The book simply takes you through the whole process with everything from the tools you need to the knowledge you'll learn to develop and how you progress from there. It explains a little about the biggest challenges and how you can move past those. So if you're stuck with ideas for your story or character, for instance, this will be the book that gives you that helping hand in knowledge and ideas in order to move forward with your project.

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