100% Vegan: the best 60 recipes, 30 desserts and 10 smoothies

by David Redondo
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Book Description

Vegans are frequently misunderstood as fringe eaters with an unnatural passion for animal rights. While many vegans do feel passionately about animals, it’s time for others to see that a vegan diet and lifestyle go way beyond animal rights. Following a healthy, balanced vegan diet ensures a host of health benefits as well as prevention of some of the major diseases. Eating more veggie food is great news for our bodies, our wellbeing and the planet, this book includes the best recipes, smoothies and desserts that make cutting down on meat and animal products a pleasure. 100% Vegan was made for the everyday cook who wants to add delicious vegan meals into their diet and experience amazing health results. In addition to good nutrition and disease prevention, eating vegan also provides many physical benefits. Find out how a vegan diet makes your body stronger, more attractive, and more energetic.

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