1001 Monsters You Must Slay Before You Die

by Miles Hurt

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Book Description

A comedy fantasy novel in the tradition of Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams. EVERY GENERATION THINKS THEIR APOCALYPSE IS THE WORST ONE... Rambunculous: city of endless strife. Invaded, overthrown, occupied, destroyed, remade, and re-invaded more times than Pops Allsop can remember. And, at eighty-three, he's seen a lot and survived it all. Four Dark Lords, one zombie apocalypse, one vampire, two Chosen Ones, a 4D floaty thing, a tentacled monster from beyond the stars, nine clones of himself, a sexually unavailable elf maiden, and an aggrieved moth-man that has it in for him over an incident involving a can of spam and a cactus. Among other things. Slightly senile, a bit stupid, and in need of a hip replacement, Pops must traverse the smashed terrain of Rambunculous left by the war of the Serpent Queen with only his fuzzy memories to guide him and his legendary cowardice to protect him. He really needs to get a move on, because his past is about to catch up to him. And it's still ticked off about that cactus. "Exciting, amusing, quirky, bizarre, but also poignant, relatable and occasionally heart-wrenching." (Earl Leonard)

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