101 Brand-New Quotes, One-liners and Short Jokes: A Collection of Over 101 Humor Materials You Won’t Find Anywhere

by Dave J. Shelton
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Book Description

Anyone who regularly combs the Web for quotes, one-liners and jokes knows that new materials are at a premium. Most of the so-called new materials are nothing but hackeyened stuff. With this book—the first in the series and undoubtedly my first great contribution to the development of humanity—you get some fresh and original stuff. No timeworn materials. A lot of effort has been put into keeping them short, dense and straight to the punchlines. After all, some of us have other important things to do like work, sleep, and slay on social media. To aid understanding and (or) add emphasis, keywords have been italicized. And all jokes are organized into categories for easy reference. You get materials on intelligence, money, politics, government, relationship, marriage, motivation, etc. Now, spicing up that boring write-up, speech, tweets, etc. with some top-shelf, pithy statements should no longer be the exclusive preserve of rocket scientists. A million thanks to those online purveyors of cliched quotes, one-liners, and jokes for providing creative inspiration for this work. Forget the somewhat misleading title of this book—marketing gimmick, of course—you are getting well over 101 materials. This book is ideal for the young, the old and the age-is-just-a-number crew.

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