101 Camping Hacks: Making Camping and Backpacking Easy

by Visit Davidson
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Book Description

Innovative and useful camping hacks to make the most out of your next camping or backpacking trip!Download FREE with Kindle Unlimited!Who can resist the glorious herald of summer; longer days, warmer nights and kids out of school! Time to escape the monotonous hustle of daily drudgery and go camping!This book will guide you on the ins and outs of camping, regardless of whether you are a veteran camper or planning your first excursion. From the stuff you need to carry to the safety tips to keep in mind, plus a few tricks on figuring the fun quotient in the equation, this book is truly Camping 101: Guide to an Incredible Outdoor Escapade. Time to make memories together; it’s a holiday, after all!In this book, you’ll find: An extensive checklist of camping equipment 101 awesome camping hacks including: Insect Repellent Hacks Instant Lighting Hacks Storage Hacks Food Hacks Comfort Hacks Safety Hacks And more!You can read this book on most electronic devices including Kindle, IPhones, IPads, Android cellular phones and tablets and computers. Let’s get started! Scroll back up and click buy to instantly download your copy now!camping, camping 101, camping trip, camping planning, backpacking, camping tricks, camping hacks, camping trips,

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