101 Quotes That Will Change Your Life

by Topher Pike

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Book Description

"I have found a key to unlock my deepest dreams and desires, and I am here to tell you that it is not the only copy." - Topher Pike Topher Pike, Author of 101 Quotes That Will Change Your Life is helping to inspire generations to follow their dreams and recapture a time when they believed their goals were possible. “Breaking through bad days is a skill, and if you don’t learn to master it, you will be forever broken.” - Topher Pike By changing the way we think about life and what is possible in our minds, I believe we all can be an example for those with dreams hidden for too long. “Don’t invent a new mousetrap; create a new mouse.” - Topher Pike 101 Quotes That Will Change Your Life is not just about changing how you think about life but changing how you see the world that has been presented. "Don’t wait for a storm to change your life; create the storm that will change your life." - Topher Pike

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