12 Simple Steps to Succeeding and Thriving in Spite of a Bullying Boss (Whether Your Boss Likes It or Not)

by Pauline Wadley
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Book Description

Have you ever tried to “deal with” your bullying manager only to fail? Have you ever tried to figure out how to please your abusive boss only to have the rules change every day? I have. And I’ve learned that, unfortunately, more often than not, trying to please a bullying boss is a waste of time. These types of managers enjoy destroying your self-esteem, so nothing you do is going to impress or change them. However, you can still win this game! If you know what to do, you can even use your current awful situation to improve your career success! Instead of teaching you how to please your abusive manager, this book will focus on your personal employment success. This book will teach you how to use your current terrible situation to your advantage so that you can succeed professionally, despite your boss trying to make you fail. You’ll learn: * How to manage the stress of working under an abusive supervisor. * How to gain the emotional strength to use your current situation to advance your career. * Why working for a mean supervisor can be an incredibly valuable experience. * How to use your current terrible workplace to develop your employability skills. * How to use your awful workplace to learn about yourself, gain personal strength, and improve self-confidence. * How to not only survive in difficult workplace conditions, but also thrive. You can triumph over your bullying boss! Get started today! Visit me online at www.paulinewadley.wordpress.com.

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