123+ Words from the Proto-World: Cut Axe Saw File. Linguistic Archaeology for Everyone.

by Karel Machala

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Book Description

All languages are related and this is still traceable in many basic words and grammar structures that are in use for tens of thousands of years. Basic ancient words have common roots and they visibly connect across many or all distant groups. One such group of words is CUT - AXE - SAW and FILE. Just read and listen with an inner voice to the sounds in very distant languages: Axe (English) - Segor (Hebrew) - Aizkora (Basque) - Sekyra (Slavic) - Sükh (Mongolian) - Shukurru (Akkadian/Babylonian) and Cut (English) - Qata'a (Arabic) - Ikahk (Blackfoot) - Kaksé (Lakota) - Kousat (Czech) - Katikka (Tamil) - Kad (Thai)... There are more variants crossing the lines between language groups.

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