30 Years Behind Bars: My Life and Times Running the British Pub

by Malcolm Mant
  • Book Author : Malcolm Mant
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Book Description

I am not a famous person. I have not been to the moon, won the F.A. Cup or murdered anyone. I'm not even well known in my block of flats, where I now reside. But, for thirty years my view of life was from behind a ramp, that most British of institutions, serving people short and tall, black and white, good and evil, funny and sad, mundane and mad. My primary experience of this world has been shaped and influenced by alcohol through drinking it, selling it and observing thousands of others being affected by it in their own peculiar fashion. Most publicans are too thick, too busy or too pissed to do this, so it's a viewpoint that hasn't yet been observed and a book that hasn't yet been read. Anyone who has worked or drank at any point in any Great British pub, will find something in here that they will recognise and relate to. It's my story of 30 Years Behind Bars.

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