5 Secrets of Healthy Life in the Office

by Linda Gilmore
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Book Description

Have you ever wondered how you can ever be healthy AND more productive in your office? Does it seem like an impossible task? It isn’t. All it takes to make a life change is a little knowledge of how to make it happen and you could be enjoying better health and better productivity just by sitting in your chair. 5 Secrets of Healthy Life in the Office: Easy Way to be Healthy and More Productive Working at Home or at the Office is a new book which aims to show you the secrets of maintaining your health while you work, through: - Choosing healthy snacks - Exercises for your body - Exercises for your eyes - Choosing comfortable clothes to wear - How to keep good order on the desktop One in five Americans works from home today, at least part of the time. That means that one fifth of us has a home office and probably a lot of unhealthy habits as well. 5 Secrets of Healthy Life in the Office won’t take you long to read, but it could change your life by helping you to develop healthy skills and healthy habits and transform the way you work. Get your copy now! A healthy, more productive work space is waiting for you.

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