50 Beauty Recipes Homemade lotions and creams! Just 15 minutes to be natural & stay organic

by Nora Robson
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Book Description

Care for your skin, use toxin-free and natural components! With these recipes, you can create organic lotions and creams that do not demand a lot of time! You only need a great desire to care for your skin. You have to eliminate skin problems, and these homemade lotions and creams are all you need!The lotion making process is not time-consuming if you get this recipe book! Inside this book, you will get to know how to create your own cream or lotion for your skin. We took into consideration widespread problems with different types of skin and tested all the recipes inside this book. Homemade cosmetics are always a great pleasure for your skin! It will cost you just 15 minutes to be natural & stay organic.Simple and clear to follow with step-by-step instructions that will save you time and money! You do not need to spend time buying creams and trying to find a lotion that fits your skin! Cut these problems out and get healthy lotion and creams from this book now!In this book, you will find YOUR FAVORITE RECIPES! You have to make your skin healthy.Organic, toxin-free, and proven lotion and cream recipes with all natural components that will give you healthy skin!

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