50 Best Burger Recipes

by June Kessler
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In this book is you will find a collection of our favorite burger recipes, ranging from beef, chicken, turkey, lamb, fish and seafood and veggie burgers It’s time to start grilling again. Cooking Tips Purchasing your meat, because that makes the difference between juicy and dry burgers. I like buy ground chuck to make the patties because I like the fat content in the meat. This is cut from the shoulder and typically has about 20 percent fat, which is what gives your burger moisture. If you select a cheaper grind of round, which comes from the rump area, you get less fat and run the risk of it drying out. You'll need to add salt and pepper, along with perhaps some grated onion or minced garlic. If you Worcestershire sauce in the meat mixture it will be hard to judge the doneness based on looks, it can interfere by masking the pink color of undone meat. Thin burgers cook to fast. If you keep the patties at but not more than ¾-inch thick, you'll have time to develop a nice crust on the outside and still have the meat thoroughly cooked on the inside. Don't over handle the meat or compact it too much. And keep in mind that burgers tend to "rise" in the middle as they cook. Remember to dimple a small indention in the top of each raw burger patty. This makes for a more level finished burger that will hold toppings evenly. Turn the burgers only once in order to develop a nice crust on each side. When you can lift the edge of the burger with your spatula and there i

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