7 Wealth Shortcuts: How Ordinary People Quickly Gained Extraordinary Wealth

by Victor Harris

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Book Description

Ever felt that achieving great success was out of reach – or that you lacked the skills, ideas, knowledge, time or resources to do so? For those of us who are not born with exceptional talent or discover that eureka moment for a business idea, success in business and life can and should be more than wishful thinking. Hear the untold stories of the rich and discover their secret shortcuts to success that could transform your life. Follow this exclusive step-by-step guide to replicate their wealth shortcuts so that you too can achieve wealth faster than you could ever dream. Learn lessons from real-life stories of some of the world's unlikely multi-millionaires that could help change your life. In this book you will discover how to: • Leverage other people’s money so that you can build wealth quickly and safely, without risking much of your own money • Re-evaluate your relationships and networks to fast-track your career • Start your own business, even if you have no good ideas, time or skills • Achieve better results using what you already know • Improve decision making about your money and career • Dispel the myths holding you back from incredible success • Be inspired to imitate these stories and achieve your own success and dreams

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