77 Exercises in Law of Attraction: How to Manifest Your Dreams in No Time (only 10 minute or less per day)

by Jerold Caron
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Book Description

The law of attraction is neither a magic, nor a rocket science, hence it is not difficult to practice on daily basis. Making use of these laws is all about turning your good intentions into action and making sure that you gain absolute control of your conscious and sub-conscious mind. The popular belief is that practice makes perfect, hence the use of simple exercises such as filling your thoughts with positivity through words, and positive energies and knowing exactly what you want and then connecting yourself with the positive forces of the universe, will eventually bring you those good fortunes you crave for.This book has been written in a simple format to help the reader enjoy the vital information that can help them optimize the laws of attraction. Some of the things you will learn here include the following:Daily basic law of attraction techniques that can direct you back to the right track. Law of attraction exercises that focus on mind clarity, attention and mental balance. Mindfulness and positive affirmation exercises that can help you master the laws of attraction. Meditation and body enhancement techniques that can rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. Exercises that can help you consolidate on your newly achieved positivity and mindfulness. And much more!Would you like to know more?Download and start moving towards your goals.Scroll up and click "Buy now with 1-Click" button.

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