A Boat Full Of Animals

by Sally Huss

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Book Description

Every child likes to feel good, and feel good about him or herself. Each likes to feel useful and successful. The more positive character traits a child has the better that child feels and the more successful he or she will be at handling life’s ups and downs. This book consists of 30 activities called animal games to help a child develop character through good life skills. By playing these games, a child will gather skills in the areas of: values, morals, and just plain goodness. They are fun, creative, educational, and will lead to a happier child. The games include: stretching your greatness like a giraffe; cleaning up after yourself like a cat; being a good friend like a dog; going to sleep happily like a bear; listening and paying attention like a rabbit; saving for the future like a squirrel; appreciating yourself like a moose; learning from mistakes like an ostrich; being thankful like a turkey, and 21 more.

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