A Chronicle of Chaos (The Light and Shadow Chronicles Book 1)

by D.M. Cain

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Book Description

A soldier for The Children of the Light, Chaos fights in the name of destiny, honor and glory. Arrogant and headstrong, he considers himself the strongest warrior in the land, until a fateful coincidence puts him at the mercy of the demon Anathema.But this crossing of paths between the two warriors has world-changing consequences. In a realm ravaged by war, they strike up an intense rivalry, but their obsession to destroy one another only leads them closer together.As demons pour from the deepest bowels of Hell and a brutal war that has raged for centuries reaches its peak, where will their loyalties lie?Praise for A Chronicle of Chaos:"...a fantasy world where the classic struggle between good and evil takes on an interesting twist." - Kenneth J. Kerr, author"...a very well written fantasy tale that has a unique and different approach to the old themes of angels and demons." - Tom Fallwell, author"A fantasy world, demons, angels, complex moral dilemmas = I’m sold." - Sunshine Somerville, author

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