A Clean House Without Stress: Restoring the Unruly to Simply Manageable

by Melissa Peduzzi

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Book Description

Frazzled. Overwhelmed. Exhausted. A quick poll from women managing their households identified these words as the top emotions they felt related to keeping up with the household duties. While everyone has a different standard, it's clear that most women feel they aren't reaching the mark. While the internet is amazing, it's also a comparison trap. There are enough cleaning schedules floating on Pinterest to try a new one each day for a year, but the reality is that none of these will create a lasting solution. These schedules and systems are great - but they weren't made with you in mind. Every family is unique, and until you have a schedule that matches the rhythms of your life, it will never work. This book guides you through the seemingly daunting task of creating your own personal schedule, and makes it simple & actionable, while actually delivering. It's time to calm the chaos and find the peace you've been so desperately seeking. In workbook style, each chapter is full of tips and advice and then asks you to reflect on your needs with specific questions. You'll finish the book feeling empowered, and with a concrete plan to implement. There are even steps to take when your first (or fifteenth) draft isn't working. You need a schedule, but only if it is going to work for you. Pick up your copy today to banish the overwhelm and restore peace and joy to your home and life.

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