A Journey Of Riches: Finding Inspiration

by John Spender
  • Book Author : John Spender
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Book Description

"A Journey of Riches: Finding Inspiration This newest book contains eleven stories about real people that will ignite your soul. Read about Tiger Woods and his secret to success, hear the story of the broke mechanic who turned his life around and became a millionaire. Read the inspiring account of one individual who survived prison and went on to become a top educator. There is the tale of one who won a fierce battle with Lyme Disease. There is even a story about being fired from that dream job and turning disaster into a successful pursuit of new passions. Regardless of whatever you're currently facing in your life, there's a plethora of tools and tactics you can use to overcome any situation and make your life richer. Among the powerful insights contained in this life-changing book are: Transformation starts with the mind: A list of mental tools and tactics you can use to supercharge your results Wisdom from Bali on how to change your emotional response to disease Using adversity as a tool for transformative growth Mind power: Turn your worst day into your best day. From Bi-polar to a successful 10-year career in door to door selling ...and more! A deeply personal book with themes ranging from loss, pain, trauma, defeat to victory, success, and enlightenment, you will find something in these pages that will inspire you to greater heights. High praise for A Journey of Riches series: ""Finding Inspiration, the newest release in the Journey of Riches seri

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