A Journey Through Time-The Beginning

by Christin Malone

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Book Description

On September 4, 1887 the only thing on Catrina Randell's mind as she gallops on her faithful horse Eleanor out of the town she once called home, is how to effectively flee the clutches of her vile uncle, and how to start a brand new life. Little does she know that far greater dangers wait for her as she rides towards her future, and her imminent death. Just when she thinks that her luck in life will change, she comes face to face with a far worse evil than she ever could've imagined. Catrina will be faced with the challenges of survival, acceptance, guilt, overcoming her nightmarish past, learning who to trust, to lean on her faith, forgiveness, unravel the web her life has been spun into, and hopefully living long enough to find the identity of her murderer. Join Catrina and her companions as she enters a new world of vampires, magic, mystery, and revenge. Will Catrina identify her murderer, and discover the mystery of how all of the traumatic events happening in her life are connected to a plot of vengeance? Will good rule over evil in this thrilling tale? The only way to find out is by accompanying Catrina in the epic tale of her beginning journey through time.

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