A Long Walk: A Journey in the Zombie Apocalypse

by Traverse Davies
  • Book Author : Traverse Davies
  • Promo Start : 06/03/2019
  • Promo End : 01/01/1970
  • Category : Horror / Permafree
  • Original Price : $2.99

Promo Price: Free

Book Description

The dead have risen... A divorced father is challenged with making his way through a newly transformed world turned terrifying and violent in hopes to reach the one piece of his life he has left... his daughter. Hoping to find some form of a safe haven where they can begin to piece a new life together they are joined by new companions; a junkie who knows how to stay alive and a teenage girl with something to prove. Together they face the undead and obstacles far more dangerous than they could have imagined... ...survival comes with a cost...

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