A Long Walk Home: Love, Time and Wrigley Field

by Kwen Griffeth
  • Book Author : Kwen Griffeth
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  • Category : Romance
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Book Description

Joe Was A Happy Man With A Few Regrets From His PastJoseph Denton was a man happy with his life. Sure, he would do a few things differently if he had the chance, but who wouldn’t?If he could get a do over, he would be an architect instead of a pharmacist. It’s not that he didn't like being a pharmacist, he had just always wanted to design buildings more. If he could do it one more time, he would make it so his wife and he could have kids. He was sure he would enjoy being a father, but his wife would have loved being a mother even more.And of course more money would be nice; if he could do things over, he would figure out a way to make more money.˃˃˃ What If You Could Go Back And Change Things?Who gets the chance to do things over? Some things just have to be accepted as they are. Make the best of things. That is what we are told, and Joe was doing exactly that. He was making the best of things and he had accepted all things as they were, except one:He wanted the Cubs to win another Worlds Series.˃˃˃ A Long Walk Home is a touching novel that explores the “what if?” questions each of us have in our own way. It is a fan favorite of people from various walks of life.Scroll Up And Grab Your Copy Today!

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