A Measure of Trouble: Tartan Noir Police Procedural Set In Glasgow (Alex Warren Murder Mysteries Book 2)

by Zach Abrams
  • Book Author : Zach Abrams
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  • Category : Mystery & Thrillers
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Book Description

A cold February morning in Scotland begins with the discovery of a body, as Hector Mathewson is found dead within the cask room of his own distillery.While directing the hunt for the murderer, D.C.I. Alex Warren needs to balance his own turbulent personal life. Their plentiful suspects have motives ranging from greed and nationalism to adultery and revenge.A Measure of Trouble is a gripping tartan noir thriller set in Glasgow. This is a standalone mystery and can be enjoyed even if you haven't read other books in the series.Praise from readers:- Great dialogue, unique plot and clever humour. A Measure of Trouble is a book with such a generous helping of twists that make for a total page turner- Until Zach came around, I never actually read a mystery before. I'm so happy that my introduction to this genre was by this talented author- Abrams has a wonderful capacity to bring readers into the personal lives of Alex and Sandra, who are full-blooded and sympathetic characters struggling with issues- This novel is well written, well-structured and, what I really enjoyed about it, the plot develops on several levels and the characters and events are frequently presented with a dry sense of humour, which makes it hard to put this novel down

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