A Mermaid in Love (Transgender Love Story)

by Yu Sakurazawa
  • Book Author : Yu Sakurazawa
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  • Category : Romance
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Book Description

Austin Fisher is an 18 year old upcoming swimmer sponsored by a sports merchandise company. He has suffered from Gender Identity Disorder (GID) since he was 10 years old. Since the age of 10, Austin has also begun having recurrent dreams of a handsome boy whom Austin is convinced is his soul mate.Later in life, when Austin undergoes HRT and renames himself Ava, the sports merchandise company threatens to stop sponsoring him unless he stops taking female hormones. Ava is in a quandary—she is forced to choose between her hard-earned career and newly-minted femininity.She goes out on a walk to clear her head. On the way, she spots a young man who is a spitting image of the handsome boy Ava has dreamed of ever since she was a tween. Ava follows the young man to his house and learns that his name is Liam Murray.

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