A New Shade of Paint (Family Fruits of Faith Book 1)

by Emily Dana Botrous
  • Book Author : Emily Dana Botrous
  • Promo Start : 01/03/2020
  • Promo End : 01/06/2020
  • Category : Teen & Young Adult
  • Original Price : Free

Promo Price: Free

Book Description

Daddy issues? She’s got lots. So it’s unfortunate when Shannon Conrad is forced to move in with the father she hates. It doesn’t help that the boy next door is up to no good. Not only does Shannon have to deal with constant anger toward a dad who never stops hurting her, now she has to figure out what to do with attention she doesn’t want—or does she? Her new friend Jesse thinks Jesus is the answer to all her problems. She thinks he’s nuts. Then Shannon stumbles upon a long-held secret that rocks her core identity, and she has to decide for herself what defines her. Is she a mistake—or a miracle? Her decision will determine her future, and just when she’s ready to forgive her dad, disaster happens, and she might have lost her chance forever. Is it too late to tell her dad, “I love you”? Does it even matter?

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