A Self-Help Guide to Sleep Insomnia Treatment: Discover How to Treat & Beat Insomnia Today and Learn What Causes Insomnia to Begin With

by Tobias Bertrand
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Book Description

Most people experience sleeplessness every now and then. When we are extremely excited for a highly-anticipated event the following day (like a kid on the night before his birthday), it's not uncommon to spend the better part of the night tossing and turning in bed. The same is true when we dread what the morning will bring. However, when this sleeplessness becomes a regular pattern at bedtime, it extends beyond worrisome... it's downright unhealthy and unproductive. Insomnia is not something that should be taken lightly, because it can cause serious mental and physical harm if not addressed and rectified. Adequate sleep is critical to our everyday bodily functions; without it, you may experience difficulty keeping mental focus, physical exhaustion, and a decreased resistance against disease and infection. If you're suffering from insomnia, be assured that this condition can be treated - and you don’t have to resort to pharmaceuticals to do so. The first step is to understand the sleeping process and the various causes of insomnia, which we will discuss in detail. Then, we'll cover the most effective treatment options you can apply to combat insomnia and ensure a good night’s sleep.

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