A Slippery Slope in a Music Band: A Substitute Singer

by Yu Sakurazawa
  • Book Author : Yu Sakurazawa
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  • Category : Romance
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Book Description

Now Aaron must sing as Cynthia to get a contract! A love story in a trio music band M. “Aaron” Smith is an 18 year old boy living in the small American town of Sunnysky. He and his two girl pals, Bianca Williams and Valerie Johnson, comprise a band known as The Aarons. The Aarons audition for a major recording company known as Lothario Records. They are promised a contract on one condition: The Aarons has to have three girls, including a redheaded one, and no boys.Aaron quits allowing Cynthia Perry, the school hottie, to perform at the second round of auditions. Brando, the lecherous head of the recording company, loves Cynthia’s looks and voice. The Aarons are certain to sign a contract with Lothario Records after a third round of auditions. On the night before the final audition, Cynthia elopes with her lover.The Aarons are in a quandary. They need to find a quick replacement for Cynthia. But try as they do, The Aarons can’t find a talented, redheaded girl fast enough.And then Bianca and Valerie have a brainwave. They coax Aaron to dress in drag and pass himself off as Cynthia at the auditions…

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