A Stolen Heart

by Virginia Henderson
  • Book Author : Virginia Henderson
  • Promo Start : 05/16/2019
  • Promo End : 05/20/2019
  • Category : Kindle Unlimited / Romance
  • Original Price : $4.99

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Book Description

The Gables and Hamlets are back and their lives are busier than ever. Sophia Hamlet's biggest fear comes to pass, namely an intruder in her house. She decides to bravely face her fears head on and is rewarded with a surprising truth. Along the way, she encounters both betrayal and friendship. Rachel's past catches up with her when William pops an unexpected question. Life decisions will have to be made before her future can begin. After an unfortunate turn of events, Rachel is forced to reexamine her life and find out what's most important. Meanwhile, Peggy, Rachel's ten year old daughter, is having problems of her own. Will she sacrifice her morals or do what's right? There are some familiar characters, as well as some new faces that add a new dynamic to this storyline. Book two of the Abundant Blessing Series

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