A Story on Heaven on Earth: Why We Could See God and Then Go Shopping

by LA Abonitalla

Promo Price: $2.99

Book Description

Hop in to the grandest party ever Wondering what you will do in eternity? Check on the book below. It’s a short read religious fiction dashed with a bit of humor and fantasy showing that the good we do today is carried over to eternity. Want to know how you could showcase your dance moves, writing, technical and other skills at God’s grand ball that never ends? Join Banso and At Least, a half human and a half angel, who’s looking for a cure of his abomination so that he could get an invite to the party in heaven. They must race against the devil in the search for ‘heaven on earth’ to save mankind from hopelessness and eternal woes- the most horrendous unimaginable suffering that the damned suffer in the dark abyss. Will Banso be willing to face more difficulties so that he could also join the grandest party of all time?

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