Absolute Agent: Techno-Thriller by Raven Yang

by Raven Yang

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Book Description

Anyone has the right to partake in the modern-day adventure—a Spy Game, because any spy game is the search for the truth. But if You Already Know, you can still “get the kick” from reading this novel. You just have go through its chapters backwards (ten-to-one). Otherwise—proceed as usual, and take it easy. So— What if Michael Crichton, Philip K. Dick, and Wachowski brothers were wrong about one little thing? The ongoing digital revolution rewrote rules of the informational warfare. The Century of the Spy is over, but there were no reports of the Spy’s Death. Thus, this story starts as a flashback depicting events that led to the dramatic demise of an unidentified Man in his sixties—and its central character. Right after the satellite signal sets his car ablaze, the responsible party reviews events that led to it. This story is being told from the POV of Antagonists employed by one e-monitoring outfit—referred here as the Communicational Directorate. This directorate has the techno-edge over competitors thanks to its creative, despotic and extremely influential mastermind. The omniscient Director operates like an X-box player, controlling global schemes from the Ruhr HQ of his organization. He is the first to learn that its almost Sci-Fi capacities can be Outdone By One retired, old-school SIS ace. Therefore—he dispatches a tech-savvy group of young Investigators to neutralize this threat. Unfamiliar with real-life cloak-and-dagger, they trigger a fiery chain reaction acci

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