Acting is Acting – Your step by step Acting Guidebook

by Lovena Kureemun

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Book Description

Acting is Acting is a step by step guidebook designed to guide you in working on any new script. The book focussed on seven steps that any actor goes through while working on a new script - 1) Freeing the obstacle of an actor - To understand how to eliminate all your obstacles as an actor, thus to allow you to be free, to know the essence of your true self and express that truthfully. 2) Reading the script - To guide you on how to read a script. 3) Scene analysis - To identify imaginary circumstances of a scene. 4) Scene analysis into practice - To guide you in identifying choices through personalization, substitution and use of sense memory. 5) Working with the lines - To help you in creating and identifying inner images, inner monologues and beat changes according the lines of the script. 6) Rehearsals - To guide you to work off your scene partner and to make choices off what your scene partner is giving back to you while rehearsing the scene. 7) Performance Day - To prepare yourself during the performance day of your scene.

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