ADHD Books for Kids: ADHD Children, ADHD Emotions, ADHD Diet for Children, ADHD Fiction, ADHD Mindfulness, ADHD Productivity: Fairy Tales Story

by Yael Manor
  • Book Author : Yael Manor
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Book Description

Yes, that is correct, 35 years I’ve taught math, but no one can blame me that I don’t know what is ADHD, that I haven’t experienced ADHD, that I haven’t worked with ADHD, that I didn’t love those children, the ADHD children.I spoke with them, I listened to them, using any possible and creative way. I made their studying easier day after day, I accepted them as they are, unconditionally.Today, I have two ADHD granddaughters. One of them, Hailey, is already dealing with school challenges, and I give her better tools on how to deal with it. The other, Ellie, is only in kindergarten.Hailey, Ellie, This book is dedicated to you, as well as to all other parents and children fighting ADHD.

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