by Mark Angelo Lusardi
  • Book Author : Mark Angelo Lusardi
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  • Category : Science Fiction & Fantasy
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Book Description

When an autistic child accidentally kills her twin, the balance of her mind is disturbed and she is institutionalised. As her late teens approach she is guided back towards ‘the normal world’ by her psychiatrist, but as he delves deeper, he discovers that her mind is very far from 'normal' and far stranger than he could ever have imagined. Neither human nor alien she is something this world has never seen before and after a number of incredible journeys, the true nature of her reality is finally revealed. 'Not for the faint-hearted. Rips out your soul and it says look at me! Breaks all the rules and happily marches into territory where no other author would ever dare to tread.' Dr C Jones

Mark Angelo Lusardi


Mark Angelo Lusardi lives in Drefach in South Wales. In his life he has been a university lecturer, an inventor and a record producer, operating out of his various recording studios (all called Mark Angelo Recording Studios). When he is not writing books he is a regular contributor to the ‘Quora’ website where he answers physics, astronomy and general science questions.

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