Africian Extrication (Les Retraités Book 1)

by Rick Dearman

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Book Description

Somalian pirates are going to learn a lesson about kidnapping the wife a Retraités. Olivier Pinson is going to save his wife and nothing is going to stop him. Not the African wilderness, the spies of the Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure and the CIA, not the Cosa Nostra, nor his own brother. Olivier is a man on a mission. Veterans of the French Foreign Legion are some of the hardest, toughest, and most ruthless individuals ever to have put on a uniform. The Legion’s toughness and ruthlessness are indisputable and the Legion, this bleak, cruel fighting machine, is loyal only to its own. Every man who completes his time becomes eligible for French citizenship and receives a certificate declaring he has done his duty with “honneur et fidélité.” On retirement from this brotherhood there is second brotherhood, a semi-secret society over 150 years old. The men who have retired from the legion, ex-legionaries, who have formed an elite secret society, a society who’s only membership requirement is your certificate of honneur et fidélité. This society is Les Retraités. If you need their help, you can ask for it, but Les Retraités always want a favour in return.

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