Agile Product Management: Product Vision:: 21 Steps to setting excellent goals for your product

by Paul VII
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Book Description

This class is going to provide you with a host of proven tips for setting excellent goals for your product. I am sure this class will be very informative, asit will give you an introduction to the concept of scrum as well as that of product vision. I will then explain toyou the steps that you can take to create a project vision followed by tips ofhow to use a clear product vision in your team or organization from the ground up. I will also provide you with lots of examples, which will go a long way in helping you understand this topic better. In this class, you will learn: ✓A brief recap of agile and scrum principles ✓What is a product vision ✓What is a product vision board and how isit used to provide a clear overarching goal for any product ✓A high-level outline of how the product vision is used to create a product ✓A step by step example of how to create a product vision for a real product ✓Concise techniques for improving your product vision Without further ado, I would like usto start this informative journey so lend me your ears and let me teach you how to enrich your product management by creating an awesome product vision.

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