Air Fryer Cookbook: Quick, simple and healthy recipes for your family (Vegetables, fish & seafood, meat, poultry, desserts) (Plus 9 bonus recipes)

by James Dale
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Book Description

Spice up your table and cook like a professional with the all new inspirational Air Fryer Cookbook specially organized to unleash a wave of creativity in your culinary attributes and let you work more magic in the kitchen. This air fryer book exposes you to a new dimension of air fryer recipes and you would definitely be in awe as to the very delicious discoveries you would make on quick advanced healthy recipes derived from: vegetables fish and seafood meat poultry and dessert... which put the entire power to make a salivating difference in your hands. The best and most functional gadgets in the world are actually worthless in the hands of people who lack the creative skills to make them exceptional, and you would be taking steps forward from the usual norm of strictly fried foods to an array of roasted, baked, steamed and grilled recipes and delicacies derived from which your guests would be proud of. What’s most fundamental purpose of this Air Fryer recipes cookbook? It’s all about making you step up from being the average kitchen cook to being the chef that makes everyone including you; look forward excitedly to what’s next on the menu. Nine (9) bonus exclusive recipes are also included just for you! Download your copy today! Read on your PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet or Kindle device.

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