Aliou: A Novel of the Backway

by Eric Reese
  • Book Author : Eric Reese
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  • Promo End : 05/28/2019
  • Category : Teen & Young Adult
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Book Description

In desperate times, Africans migrating to Europe is life or death... Local soccer favorite "Aliou Messi" is the portrait of talent...but this, alone, may not be enough. The Arab Spring revolution has ushered in a dark age for migrants seeking to leave, and Aliou's motherland is rocked by poverty. The chances of emigration are slim and every peril borders every path. Diaspora could crush much more than dreams of gaming glory.  When his father passes away, Aliou is left to carry the family--a burden that makes dropping out of school an increasingly serious consideration. Aliou too must weigh a pressing marriage engagement. Pursuing ones' sustenance means risking it all--including at the expense of others.There does exist a bastion of order, but getting there is the dilemma. Known to fellow Gambians as 'The Backway', a daunting trek to Europe may represent Aliou's only hope. Can this teen, but yesterday a boy, lead those he loves to financial security? Barely could a crossroads represent more inner-strife. A touching tale of African fiction... A treatise on the human condition... Eric Reese outdoes himself--a master of his craft.

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