Alive From New York

by Edward G. Talbot

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Book Description

Usama bin Laden is dead. Terror is very much alive. After bin Laden's death, reporter Jamie Marks has the scoop of a lifetime, an interview with the man now regarded as the world's most wanted terrorist. She would die–or kill–for the story. But she's not the only one interested in how it turns out. The FBI has her under surveillance. The CIA has its own plans for her. Then she disappears. FBI Agent James Robb can't understand how they lost her, but that's now the least of his worries. Because a car bomb at the Bureau parking garage and a dead agent in upstate New York tell him there's a lot more to this story. As he investigates, he becomes convinced that a threat is hiding in the frigid altitude of the Adirondack mountains. But the battle he's engaging has more than two sides, and the price of finding answers might be more than he can pay.

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