Alyosha: The Vision

by Trava Barnett

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Book Description

Alyosha's father is a community advocate with a vision of uniting and uplifting the black community, but Alyosha and his brother Kenny feel that their father's mission is hopeless and a waste of time. The brothers are among the city's most dangerous thugs and refuse to give up their street life. When Alyosha's father and brother were gunned down right in front of him, the devastating loss forces him to examine what path he really wants to go down. He slowly makes a transition from thug to reformer. He puts into practice everything his father taught him, hoping to honor his memory. As Alyosha makes progress and overcomes obstacles, his old life comes back to hunt him. But with the support of the love of his life, he knows he can face this challenge or die trying.

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