Amazon Alexa: Ultimate User Guide, Tips and Tricks on How You Can Get the Most Out of your Personal Assistant (Echo, Second Generation Echo Show, Look, Plus, Spot, … App, Alexa Dot, Alexa Tips, App

by Dave Andrew
  • Book Author : Dave Andrew
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Book Description

Technology has been changing so fast. What you thought you will only see in movies, are now happening in real life. Have you considered talking to your house, and expecting a response? Well, now you can. With Amazon Alexa and Echo dot, it is much easier to automate your daily life. Even turning on the light could be as easy as saying a word. Or how about opening your door as soon as you arrived? There are several commands that you could do with Alexa App to use the software to the fullest. It has skills and commands that you can program to your own liking without using a remote, only your voice. There are hidden tricks inside this book for your ultimate advanced mastery. It is perfect for beginners, includes setting up devices, speaker streaming, and being your ultimate assistant. With this book, I will teach you how to save time, and be more efficient with your routine. Inside, you will get a blueprint of things you could do, with step by step process of how you could do them. If you are ready to bring your smart home automation to the next level, get this book Now.

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