Ambition: Steps to boost up your ambition, climb up the dream ladder and be successful ( self help motivation guide )

by Kumar Hrithik

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Book Description

COMPLIMENTARY : Real life case studies of personally interviewed people for you to ponder over and grab something of value from it. On a bright Sunday morning, have you ever found interrogating yourself after reading about someone successful and felt demotivated? If all yes, then get aboard matey. I know that you may have read a lot of books on motivation or self help before! If you tried to read and imply the steps before but couldn't, you saw the results in the beginning and couldn't be on the track then don't worry. THAT'S NOT YOUR FAULT. You must be thinking what if you get the same disappointment here and stuff, i would say that i totally understand your concern. But once i read quote that said, "Life is the summation of all the chances we take and it could have been the way we desired, by the chances we feared taking." You never know this may get you to the answers you were always searching for. So why not give it a read and take a chance! In today's world where everything has become so systematized and the rat race of mediocrity doesn't seem to cease, choosing to visit the book for a look is one of the biggest steps that you have taken. Maybe we are a part of this majority that prefers rat race and abortion of dreams a good step but we are never ever defined by who we are, but by what we choose to be. The logic and mantra behind writing these steps is evident in your daily life. The content is written and narrated in a manner so that you can totally relate to it.

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