An Eclectic Journal… Cambodia

by Morgan McFinn

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Book Description

This journal consists of more meandering musing from the inimical Morgan McFinn...over 90 entries averaging 600 words each. A buffet of scrumptious literary hors d'oeuvre, so to speak. It was written during the period of a year when McFinn and his wife lived in a wooden, Khmer style bungalow beside the Kampot River in Southwest Cambodia. There are tributes to greatness...John Keats, Fred Astaire and Jimmy Connors. Also, an anecdote regarding a pretender to greatness...Gore Vidal. Several entries address the ways and woes of a writer's life. The mysterious disappearance of Jim Thompson, the 'Silk King' of Thailand and the English painter, Francis Bacon, are featured, as well. McFinn's wife, Nak, has a delightful role. For the most part, the entries are meant to be amusingly witty although there are several serious pieces dealing with the tragedy that befell Cambodia during the 1970's. McFinn's unique style of expression prevails throughout.

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