An Honest Mistake

by Bethany Hauck
  • Book Author : Bethany Hauck
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  • Category : Erotica / Kindle Unlimited
  • Original Price : $2.99

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Book Description

Jacqueline McCabe grew up in the Scottish highlands with eight older brothers. She swore she would never get married. When her brother’s best friend makes an honest mistake at his wedding, it forces the two into a marriage that Jacqueline fights against every step of the way. Connor Fraser had too much to drink and accidentally crawled into the bed of his best friends little sister, forcing them into marriage to save her reputation. Connor isn’t to bothered by the development, he was thinking about getting married soon anyway and finds Jacqueline beautiful, although her attitude could use some work . The problem is how to get his new wife to quit pouting and accept the marriage she didn’t want and swore she would never accept. Connor tries reasoning with her and courting her to make her happy, but sometimes a woman just listens better when over her husband’s knee, with a hairbrush applied to her backside. Jacqueline is surprised to find instant acceptance with her new family at castle Tarmon. What surprises her the most, is finding out how kind and loving her new husband can be when he is not correcting her and schools her in the marriage bed.

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