An Intentional Travelers Guide to Unconventional Budget Travel Accommodations by Michelle C. Chang

by Michelle C. Chang

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Book Description

Travel more. Spend less. Life-changing experiences you can afford. This book offers a fresh perspective on how to save your travel dollars. It'll help you crack the code to meaningful, impactful and low-cost trips by tackling one of the biggest trip expenses: lodging. This book will help you to... - Stretch your money - travel for a full month, at the same cost or less, of a typical one-week vacation - Leverage the sharing economy to live rent-free in some of the most desirable destinations - Skip the trial-and-error stage with house-sitting, work exchanges, Couchsurfing, and other platforms by applying lessons learned from case studies - Arm yourself with check lists and practical, step by step guidance to get the most out of each accommodation experience - Leave behind cookie cutter tours and standardized hotel experiences for more meaningful independent travel without sacrificing comfort and privacy

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