An Old Witches Tale (A Whitewood Witches Murder Mystery Book 4)

by Agnes Brown
  • Book Author : Agnes Brown
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  • Category : Romance
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Book Description

How did Granny Fae, witch extraodinaire, get kicked out of the Shady Pastures old age home? Fae, who now lives with her Whitewood kin in Fennelmoore, has always been vague about that part of her life. She says it would've never happened if she and her friends Dinah and Blaise hadn't been running that clandestine potion factory in the Shady Pastures basement. And then there was the mysterious death of their good friend and confidante, Shade Pastures janitor Joe Humberton. With the cops at a loss about who did it, Fae and her mates had to intervene, resulting in all kinds of unexpected consequences, both normal, and well, weird. After all, they never expected it to be... never mind. Let her tell the story.

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