Ancient History

by A.M. Lehman

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Book Description

The Heart of Eternity has been stolen. And a body left in its place. Special Agent Nashville Storm should have been taken off the case. A confrontation with the suspect, threatens to have him ripped away before he can prove what he knows in his gut. That legendary cat burglar Marco Cruz is the one who belongs in jail. When a past mentor moves from being a distant memory to a present threat, things go horribly wrong. After five years in hiding, Blue has to put her faith back into the man who had sent her into hiding in the first place. It soon becomes obvious to what lengths Cruz will go to in order to ruin Blue and get the revenge he has always wanted, framing her for his crime and threatening Nash’s career. Secrets, memories, and ancient history... While Nash sorts through the evidence, he tries to keep his relationship to Blue where it has always the past. Putting aside their memories of betrayal and loss, both try to deal with the return of unwanted feelings and solve the mystery before someone elses life is ruined. There are just a few investigating days left and tensions are rising as danger closes in. Nash must find a way to stop the cycle of violence and revenge, and make sure the past doesn't cloud his focus.

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