Ancient Indian Traditions of Yoga And Ayurveda

by Shivshankar Sangale

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Book Description

PREFACE YOGA As Per Hinduism the aim of human life is to get freedom from cycle of birth & death. It is also called as Moksha. It is only possible when the person gets rid of from all worldly desires of name, fame, money etc. And when his desires unite with cosmic desires & when his soul unites with supreme soul. This union of Soul with supreme soul is called as Yoga. Part 1 provides a systematic approach to eight stages of yoga. Which are told by Sage Patanjali. I have personally experienced the union of soul with supreme soul. I have received all divine experience & blessings. It is my hearty desire to share this knowledge with world, so that, other can get benefit of this. Warm Regards Shivshankar Sangale

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