by Alex Norris
  • Book Author : Alex Norris
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  • Category : Fiction
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Book Description

A genuine and insightful debut... Alex Norris is meant to be a writer. - Francesco CernigliaAfter 20-year-old university student Lewis gets dumped by his boyfriend, he heads out for a night of heavy drinking. What he doesn't expect is meeting Rosie: a homeless woman who comforts him and opens his eyes to a world outside the university bubble.Tired of student life, Lewis embarks on a quest to give his life genuine meaning, trying to help those without homes and voices.But in his attempt to help those around him, Lewis loses himself into a world of depravity, secrets and seedy encounters, which threaten to destroy his friendships... and his life.Praise for ANGEL:"This is without doubt one of the most original novels I've read in a while." - Jamie Deacon, Amazon review"Lewis is a wonderful, conflicted character... An interesting debut novel" - Annette Gisby, Amazon review

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