Antichrist’s Game of Conquest

by Benjamin Knoll

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Book Description

The universe of universes is uneasy after a hole is torn in reality and, to make matters worse, the antichrist has already gained footing. The vast parallel universes are noticing an uneasy shift in the balance. Tim understands what he must do and who he must locate to build a team potent enough to go up against the antichrist. Though he may know who, how easy will these individuals be to locate and then recruit? And will he be able to do this all before the antichrist reaches critical mass and is capable of enacting his plans? The Moment Thief returns with his odd, newfound powers, deciding how to purpose them. The iMother remains stubborn in her intent to redesign and guide human life. The titans of old gather in numbers to take their world and crush any who stand in their way. Travel to a world of psychotic social constraints or one where eco-activists have used technology to take their extreme views to the next level. Find out what happened to the man who drank of angel light and feel warmth from endearing immortal love. Return to the Distributed Fate shared universe and watch from your vantage point as all we fear comes to pass!

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