Arya and Hezek

by KAY O

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Book Description

-“I can not promise to be perfect, Arya. But I do promise you the perfect love—giving you myself until I bleed empty.” When Vivian returns from Greece to visit her family in the United States for Thanksgiving dinner, the last thing she expects is for her father to demand that she marry a Lebanese man. When her niece, Isabelle, asks her to tell her a bed time story, Vivian tells her the story of Arya and Hezek. Long ago in the country of Freegaly, there was a whole society that did not believe in war and only meant to live in peace. The law was set for every person to become betrothed to a person of a different nation or culture. After Arya, a farm girl with her head in the clouds, finds out that she is betrothed, she fears her dreams for adventure have come to an abrupt end. Then, one day, a stubborn Prince named Hezekiah, dresses as a commoner and takes notice of Arya while exploring the city. Arya soon becomes torn between her duty of marriage and her dream of adventure with Hezek. When war encroaches upon Freegaly, will they still be forced to marry another? Or will the choice of marriage fall into their hands?

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