ASSERTIVE: How to Be Assertive and Speak Up For Yourself – ( Assertiveness Training | Assertiveness Skills | Assertiveness Techniques )

by Brandice Williams
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Book Description

Assertiveness is a concept that seems all so simple at first, but its proper execution requires much more effort than you may think. The truth is, being assertive is all about getting your message across without being passive, or excessively aggressive. If you fall within either of these two classifications, it is likely that you will find that the effects turn out to be rather counterproductive. What you need is a balanced approach, something to which assertiveness is the only answer. This book is designed to help you learn to assert yourself in various situations. If you find yourself being too passive or too aggressive, being walked on or ramming your opinions through, this book will help you make sure you voice is heard in a much more productive way, and in a way that you will feel comfortable and confident with.

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